Gorgeous Hematite earrings

These beautiful highly polished natural Hematite gemstones have been set into two stunning original designs by Penny Ryan

The earrings look elegant and eye-catching and both designs show off the beauty of the stone to perfection.

We have used a stunning teardrop and Swarovski Crystal design (left) and a good sized 1cm diameter gemstone on the earrings on the right

These designs look gorgeous on and show off the beauty of the Hematite to perfection.  

Available in silver or gold hook fittings, All tested hypo-allergenic.  

Also available in Clip On style


Known as the Stone of the Mind, it is used to increase intuition  and improve personal relationships. Energizing, vitalizing. Enhances personal magnetism, optimism, will, courage. Slightly grounding. Powerful stone for those attracted to it. They say that those attracted to Hematite, money is attracted to them!


Zodiac stone for Aries and Capricorn

Hematite Gemstone Earrings - 2 styles, silver or gold